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We Create Happy, Healthy, Living Drinks

That Taste Great!

Big Wave Beverage Company is a Maui based drink facility specializing in healthy and refreshing, organic, non-GMO drinks.  Our Kombucha and Kefirs are full of the life sustaining probiotics, enzymes and vitamins your body needs to be well and stay active.


The watermelon is my new favorite! The ginger peach from a few weeks back is my other favorite, blueberry ginger is great too!

Bonnie Hansen

Hi y’all, I am wondering if I can find out your flavors prior to the weekend. I am the ‘Nancy’ who loves the Beet Pineapple flavor.

Nancy Huber

Aloha – I love your Kombucha! What days do you refill the taps at the Kihei store? They’ve run out of the turmeric ginger, my favorite. Mahalo!

Jennifer Androes

This is the best Peach Kombucha I have ever had, filled with great aromas that bring back fond child hood memories.


Hey guys, I freekin love your ginger turmeric kombucha. I am moving to Oahu and will really miss the stuff, so please start on Oahu A.S.A.P. 🙂

Jack Meadows

Aloha David! Thank you so much for your email. I really appreciate it! I am totally addicted to the blueberry Pomegranate.

Emmy Trudell

Tried your brand on vacation at the farmer’s market yesterday and would love to get more before leaving the island. What stores are you in?

Maile Krauss

Big Wave is the best Kombucha I have ever tasted.

Shaun Bayles

I’d love to know next time you make the ginger peach flavor. We got a jar of it a couple weeks ago and it’s the best kombucha I’ve ever had!!!

Bonnie Martin

Hey! I tried the Hibiscus Lychee flavor at Maka in Paia. It was by far the BEST bucha I have ever tasted, shout out to you guys. I am from Canada. Mahalo

Michelle Coveny

Aloha guys- Keep puttin the Love in your booch! Mahalo Steve frm kula mktOne of ur biggest fans.

Steve Manofraw

Please add me to your mailing list. best Kombucha ever (I’ve been drinking it for 20 years 🙂

Marisa Mora

What I love about your kombucha is that’s the perfect blend of sweetness and effervescence. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I go back to Cali.

Colleen Sanders
Big Wave kombucha is handmade deliciousness! David and Julie use small-batch cultures and whole, fresh ingredients to create a homemade taste that is very hard to find in commercial kombucha products. If you’re lucky enough to be able to find their booch at your local farmer’s market or food store, definitely pick some up!
Their ginger turmeric kombucha is dynamite! It’s spicy and has, for me, just the right level of fizziness. I need more!
Rosemary R.
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We believe our local economy is what sustains the people of the islands and all the actions we take are based around this philosophy.  It is our experience in brewing tens of thousands of gallons of Kombucha that the process must be kept very local in order to produce the freshest quality products.


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